Gyroscale: Accuracy in Gravity

The other day I was weighing myself and I noticed that the number was higher than I thought. A whole 4 pounds heavier, and although I had not weighed myself since the holiday season, I knew something was off. But I accepted my fate and immediately downloaded the My Fitness Pal app.

The app itself is actually great! It helps me eat the right portions of each category – carbs, fats, and proteins. Although my required calorie level in order to cut down on a little weight has me eating more efficiently (starving sounded too harsh and biased). So I had been using this app for about 5 days when the following happened…

I needed to move my scale because it had needed to be cleaned and so I put it out in the hallway. Now mind you, inside the bathroom, there’s a portion of tile where a slope exists – you see where this is going? I then proceeded to weigh myself and it turned out that, over the past 5 days, I had lost 4 pounds! Isn’t that amazing? I should pat myself on the back.

Wrong. Well obviously. The issue laid within the fact that the slope in the bathroom tile skewed my weight when I stepped on the scale. And then the idea hit me: how can I solve this problem?

Introducing the Gyroscale: Accuracy in Gravity. And yes I claim ownership because this idea is far too original! If you manufacture this, just put a link to my site on every scale. If you actually manufacture this, shoot me an email, I’d love to discuss the idea further and see what your vision is!

Furthermore, the general idea behind my Gyroscale product is the concept of including a leveling device which can measure structural differentials such as slopes and inclines on bathroom tile. I’ve actually drawn up a nice sketch with a poorly drawn stick figure. Take a look!

Now it’s been several years since I’ve taken a physics class, but I’m hoping that I got everything almost right. As far as a device like this actually working, I’m not sure! Even if it did, I feel like those in the world who have structural differences which amount to a large weight miscalculation are very few… so the market for this product could be very slim and the return might not be as pretty, but I think that if someone has the right initiative and resources, the Gyroscale could one day be a popular product!

I hope you enjoyed this idea, and if you would be interested in pursuing this idea further, feel free to reach out to me so that we could chat about it. Something like this could have great potential if done right.

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Past Few Days

So it’s been about 6 days since my last post on here. My apologies. I’ve been writing down all of my ideas, just haven’t gotten the chance to type them up. There’s been a lot of commotion over here, as I’m currently working with a startup advisory publication (think online startup magazine) and we’re getting ready to launch soon so you can imagine the stress from that. I’ve also been busy writing a whitepaper on social media marketing. I put up a preview image on Twitter, so I suppose I’ll do the same here:


I’ll be releasing the whitepaper to my subscribers on the January 24th mailing. I’m doing my best to spread out the emails I send to everyone – flooding your inbox is the last thing I’d want to do. So what else is new?

Oh that’s right! I’ve hit 400 email subscribers as of yesterday. I’m really glad with the direction this blog has taken and the audience that I have built. Twitter still hovers around 300 followers, and site traffic is growing with about 10 new unique users each day. Small numbers, yes, but these numbers are pure, organic and important to me. I’ve run sites in the past where huge marketing campaigns have brought in over 12,000 unique visitors within 48 hours, but the users were generally one-stop viewers.

All of you who read my blog on a frequent basis, I appreciate you. You keep me doing what I’m doing and give me the ability to provide you with excellent content.

Thank you.


Your Next Idea Mailing List

So I was sitting at my desk today, and noticed that most of my posts start out this way. I also realized that many of my thoughts happen when I’m supposed to be doing something else. I would make a horrible caveman, since I’d probably be thinking about hunting for food rather than actually hunting for it. (Actually I think I’d make a fantastic caveman).

Anyway, it came to me like an epiphany, as if the heavens had opened and I was spoken to. My initial goal with this idea blog was to attract as many unique followers as I could – mentoring them, offering them ideas, and selling my knowledge to them. But then I realized that, in order to cultivate the right kind of following, I don’t want one-stop shoppers – I want people who actually are interested and care for a personal connection. I want to build a relationship with as many of my readers as possible (and right now that may not be much).

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