Competitive Edge

What is BUZZ COCOA? It’s an ingenious blend of caffeine and cocoa – making for one energizing cup of hot chocolate! Why do I mention this on an article entitled “Competitive Edge” you might ask?

Because I have edge on the competition.

Not strict advantage – I haven’t been around long enough to muster a name as bold as Carnegie or Rockefeller. But nonetheless, I have established a strong personal brand and several months ago set out to establish the #1 Caffeinated Hot Chocolate Brand in the world.

We’ve had orders from everywhere – US, Canada, the UK, Australia, Latvia, and throughout Europe. The BUZZ COCOA brand went from nothing to being on the 1st page of Google for “caffeinated hot chocolate” in just 3 months, and we’re on our way to surpass any other listings in the near future.

What other crazy things are we doing??

  • Negotiating large wholesale agreements with both mid-tier & big box retailers
  • Getting some sweet PR deals (currently can’t be disclosed)
  • Rocking your Snapchat filters (more to come!)

Aside from going GLOBAL in just 6 short months, we’re working with investors, brokers, and retailers in the hopes of stocking your local shopping centers with the BUZZ. It’s an incredibly time consuming and scrupulous venture, but completely worth it in the end. Why? Because of competitive edge.

Business boils down to timing and execution. I believe that I have done both flawlessly.

And I’ll surely toot my own horn at that. Five, six years ago, you would have seen Swiss Miss trying to establish a caffeinated hot chocolate mix. Great idea! But you only put 98mg of caffeine in there… pathetic. That wouldn’t even wake up my grandmother.

And then a few years after you saw some pre-adopters – companies trying to make moves in an uncharted industry. There were two companies that did well, but their appeal died out and people vaguely knew about their brand identity. Not with BUZZ. You see, even reading this right now, and sharing this post across whatever social network you’re on only brings more power to the BUZZ COCOA brand name.

And in an effort to promote the BUZZ COCOA brand, I’ve been taking gigantic steps in the right direction for our PR presence – which includes, but is not limited to, our Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Business Collaborations, Press Articles, and so much more. We’re not even talking about some of the awesome stuff that’s about the debut before and during the summer.

So really, what is this Competitive Edge? Well, as many of us learn about Industrialization in America, the term Competitive Advantage came from what a business had over its competitors – betters workers, better facilities, better location. Or in my case, a better brand. I can assure you, in ten years, BUZZ COCOA will become commonplace in the United States, and the better part of the developed world.

I want to bring BUZZ COCOA everywhere.

My competitors simply want to test the market, profit, and sustain. Business projects should have a life cycle, regular products should have a life cycle – but when your product is a LIFESTYLE, it doesn’t come to a close, and it doesn’t stop. It keeps me on edge, wanting more. It keeps going.

That’s what my Competitive Edge is. And it’s that exact edge which keeps me alert and focused on building this brand and the product offerings it includes. Seriously, check out some of the stuff BUZZ has been doing.

And not to mention that our Snapchat has been BLOWING UP! Friends, I thank you so much for your follows and Snapbacks – they mean the world! But just in case you missed one of our Snapchat stunts in NYC this past week, below is a video summing up one of our experiences with Snapchat geofilters…

Still, while our PR stunts and awesome products may be getting us through now, there is much more going on behind the scenes in development for what will be coming. The BUZZ COCOA brand is going to revolutionize the way you energize your life and excite your world.

If there’s one thing you should walk away with from this article, it’s to build your own Competitive Edge. Find your passion within your current business or area of employment and beat it to a pulp – own that passion. Am I allowed to wake up and say to myself, “Eh, I don’t want to be the cocoa guy anymore,” really am I? To achieve a Competitive Edge, I won’t even mutter those words to myself, let alone think them.

To have the edge, you have to be all in.


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