BUZZ COCOA Winter Holiday BundleMany of my readers have been wondering what BUZZ COCOA is exactly. Some of you have googled, some of you have purchased, but many of you are still left in the dark. So what is BUZZ COCOA?

BUZZ COCOA is an ingenious blend of caffeine and hot chocolate. It comes in multiple flavors, but all three have the same delicious taste and caffeinated experience you want. BUZZ COCOA is not intended for children or anyone under the age of 18. It is encouraged that customer discretion be used when creating your favorite BUZZED beverage, and to exercise caution in consuming larger quantities than suggested.

Each serving size is (2) scoops (included in the packaging) which equals out to about 1 Tbsp (17g). BUZZ offers approximately 20 servings per pouch and for only 72 calories per serving! The product currently has just 11g of sugar – much less than any leading mocha / chocolate / flavored coffee beverage.

On the ingredients side, we do include whey powder, but are also in the process of trying to move towards a lactose free alternative for those who have intolerance issues. We already use a non-dairy creamer made of coconut and soybean oil.

Additionally, many have asked about BUZZ and if it is gluten free. Currently none of our ingredients are shown to cause inflammation of Celiacs Disease, but we have not obtained the Gluten Free certification (as of 12/12/2016). We are currently in pursuit of this certification, as we are of many, and hope to continually update our customers both via our website, emails, and the blog.