“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.”



And commitment is that habit. Hopefully everyone has began settling into the impending summer heat with their lawn chairs and mixed drinks on the beach. I’m pretty sure that’s something everyone can commit themselves to. But what becomes a struggle for many is the art of committing to excellence – to excel one’s brand to the highest point possible, and then some. I’d like to address that.

It isn’t uncommon to find those who amplify zeal for themselves or their product, as entrepreneurs possess this passionate quality. The key though is to understand how to unlock that potential, how to obtain such a passion that it becomes obsessive in and of itself.

Well that’s the key: obsession.

As it was so aptly put by Justine Musk in this Quora posting, the key to success, excellence, and all other things considered, is obsession. You must live and breathe the very nature of your brand. You must always have it on your mind, because your brand is always evolving and creating new opportunities. Try this on for size:

Brand Tip #394 – If you frequent a certain coffee shop or public area, safely tape a business card or apply a sticker to the top of your laptop. This gives onlookers the knowledge of who you are and what your brand is without actually telling them.

This can be done quite easily, and the reward of striking up a conversation with someone you might have otherwise never encountered is unmatched. Although you will want to make sure that your business card / sticker is catchy yet simple, in order to avoid any confusion for the onlooker. Make it easy, and you’ll reel them in.

How else can you advance your brand and cultivate your obsession? For starters, always have several pitches ready for every possible type of encounter, and continually edit these pitches in your head. In the same checkout line as a potential investor? Unleash a quick 20 second pitch. Stuck waiting in line for coffee and you strike up a conversation? Keep it casual and don’t get too attached – they really only came here for the coffee, believe it or not.

Ultimately, what’s the best way for you to stay obsessed?

Think. Always be thinking.

Thinking is what made this guy famous, and it can get you close to it! Rid your mind of any doubts or concerns and solely work up creative concepts for advancing your brand. Train yourself using “what-if” scenarios from the moment you wake up, and condition your conversational responses as you look into the mirror while brushing your hair. All of this boils down to what Aristotle said: Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit. Act on it, make it a habit, and only then will you truly be able to commit to your brand.