Such an absurd thing to say, right? To fathom that such a lifestyle could be considered a religion must be insane!

Or is it?

Entrepreneurism. That’s what I like to call it. It’s the belief that an individual can make a difference in the world through faith in one’s self. A mix of Buddhism and Hedonism, to an extent, in the sense that entrepreneurs see themselves as prime innovators as well as compassionate and giving mentors.

Let’s compare my Entrepreneurism to the standard principles of a modern religion: there must exist a prime belief, services which cultivate the belief, tithing, and a set of morals one must follow.

Prime belief: Entrepreneurs believe in innovation. The belief that an idea can change the world, no matter on what scale that might be.

Services cultivating the belief: Entrepreneurs attend seminars, webinars, motivational talks, growthathons, hackathons, startup weekends, 24 hour startup events, and etcetera… The list goes on with detailed services which entrepreneurs subscribe themselves to frequently.

Tithing: Entrepreneurs give back to other entrepreneurs through the means of angel investing. This industry has grown so much that billions of dollars are being seeded by angel investors each year. I think we can check tithing off the list!

Set of morals: Entrepreneurs believe in standard ethics and adhere to a wide acceptance of the world’s changing opinions. Every entrepreneurs varies in their own subjectivity, but that is prevalent in all religions.

Now, having a strong theological background (yes, in addition to the actuarial & risk experience), I understand that this, like Buddhism, can technically be viewed as a philosophy. But if individuals exercise their entrepreneurial spirits so fervently, it becomes more of a religion than simply a philosophy. A philosophy is a set of beliefs by which we follow, but a religion is a philosophy by which we dedicate ourselves to.

It’s food for thought as I sit here on a bus back up to NYC from DC.


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