Another month another flavor. For this December, we’re lining up a fresh breath for BUZZ. That’s right, we’re getting minty – Mint Chocolate to be exact! BUZZ COCOA Mint Chocolate makes a superb return to the caffeinated hot chocolate landscape. Brought back due to popular appeal last year, we’re hoping to revolutionize your winter with this BUZZ COCOA classic.

Last year, we sold out of Mint Chocolate in a matter of days. We had to restock in the blink of an eye, and then once we made sure enough was available on hand, we continued to sell through February. A lot of you mentioned in your orders that Valentines Day was made extra  minty – we were absolutely honored by that. So it’s safe to say that BUZZ COCOA Mint Chocolate is here to stay.

Even better, we’ve got a sweet recipe for you to try at home or at an office holiday party. Of course it’s going to be a Spiked Mint, but our ingredients will make your mouth water:


What you’ll need:

BUZZ COCOA Mint Chocolate

Bailey’s Irish Cream

Kahlua liquor


How to prepare:

Take (1) scoop of the Mint Chocolate for shots, (2) for a mixed drink

Pour in Bailey’s, shake / stir until mixed

Pour in the Kahlua

Shake again (if you so please)


Now enjoy a wonderfully spiked mint chocolate from your friends here at BUZZ COCOA.