Everyone talks about investing – investing in the stock market, in a new car, a new house – and whatever that investment might be, it usually comes with a decent price tag. A big area of investment that not many talk about is investing in yourself. Sure, lots of people joke about shopping sprees being a great way of “investing in yourself”, but that’s not exactly what I advocate.

How do you invest in yourself?

You are invaluable. You are a priceless asset to your own growth. There’s simply no better way to put it: if you avoid investing in yourself, you are avoiding tremendous growth. So how do you invest in yourself? I’ll throw you a bone…

Dress for success

You might be thinking that your thick pinstripe suit looks great with that wide tie and suspenders, but you are very wrong. Dressing yourself according to current fashion trends will only solidify your own self confidence and how others view you. Of course, what others think shouldn’t matter, but holy heck – you’re trying to build your own brand for Pete’s sake! Sadly, what people think of you does matter, at least to an extent.

Check out Combatant Gentlemen for fashion tips and some rather fantastic prices.

Be healthier

Living a healthier life style only enhances your own personal outlook and professional ability. I recently wrote an article about improving your brand by improving your health, and I suggest you check it out! It goes through the whole process by which you can kickstart your health and your brand.

Educate yourself

Websites such as Udemy, Code Academy, General Assembly, and other various online resources can help advance your knowledge and ultimately your career. It doesn’t hurt to dish out a few bucks for one of the top courses out there – and there’s always a discount opportunity awaiting you. There are also other free resources such as Khan Academy and various podcasters who offer a variety of knowledge (check out Entrepreneur on Fire and The Montoya Experiment).

For example, Udemy has a course by Mark Fidelman on Building a Personal Brand, and it’s only $39!

Hire a coach

But it doesn’t have to be formal! You can easily network with other entrepreneurs, some of whom may have had success in an area that you are trying to focus on, and they will be more than glad to lend a helping hand. Getting input from other entrepreneurs in your field is absolutely crucial.

Additionally, hiring a formal coach can run you for your money, but used efficiently and for a handful of goals, you get out what you put in.

Don’t be a cheapskate

Do you like that WordPress theme, but would rather keep looking for a free one than sink in the $19 – $39? Oh wait, it’s $49? And you don’t want to buy it? You must not be expecting to make more than $49 through your personal brand then. I should just stop writing this piece right now.

Or… you could make the decision to budget your branding money and use it to invest in the critical components for your business. Branding can definitely cost you a pretty penny, but these important pieces help build the basis for a successful business and a better brand. Some of these important pieces include (but are not limited to):

  • Website theme
  • Your brand logo
  • Professional headshots
  • Business cards

These are just some of my thoughts on investing in yourself, and using that investment to better both your business and your life. Your money matters, and so by putting it into your brand, you make your brand matter.


Best of luck!