So I’ve come to understand a new concept of marketing via “social ladders”. Commonly mistaken as a medium for mass spamming, this Ladder Marketing feature entails the following:


Before I continue – yes, Ladder Magic is my experimental group for testing this concept. I’ve actually grown my test group to about 200 members (via Facebook) or “agents”, as I’ve come to call them. So the way this works is primarily by building a network of people who all have a common goal of promoting a business or some kind of content. A sharing community, you could call it.

The neat thing that I discovered for myself was that the bigger the group you lead, the greater social presence you can attain. You build genuine relationships with your agents and they will end up helping you out even more so because of your personal connection.

That about wraps up what I wanted to write about. I’m mobile on a trip back from Washington, DC, so I’ll be sure to add more once I get back!

I wish you the best in all your ventures!

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