There’s always a lesson to be learned. No matter how old, or experienced, or invincible you might be, there is always a point of blindness that one cannot necessarily circumvent.

It’s 10:55 PM.

I spent my whole afternoon and evening attempting to perfect an idea that I thought of on a whim earlier today. That idea was StartupSavers – a directory of incredible savings to help startups bootstrap their way to success. It sounded really good at the time, and if it weren’t for the frustration of an uncooperative WordPress theme (which took about 3 hours to debug), I probably would have noticed sooner that this idea wasn’t all that great.


Sure, you might be thinking, it is a good idea! In fact, if you head over to the site right now and check out the Domains section, you’ll see so many coupons, discounts, and promo codes that you might actually feel richer.

But here’s the problem: entrepreneurs use coupon codes for domain names, hosting, and MAYBE WordPress themes / website templates. The rest of the services an entrepreneur uses are either non-discounted or free. This is where I realized the roadblock. That was at 10:33 PM.

Not to mention that the purpose of my website was to piggy-back on StartupStash – the curated directory which offers a vast number of resources to entrepreneurs for their startups / small businesses. StartupStash doesn’t have a criteria of paid or free, it just has content.

My idea, however, was meant to draw in users who knew the services they wanted to use, but did not want to pay full price. Kind of hard to draw in users when the services they would be using are either free or non-discounted.

While I may come across rather ranting, the purpose of this post is to address the following: never deviate from the rules which you set. My cardinal rule, my preaching point, the soapbox of my career, has been generating unique ideas.

And I violated that by jumping on the StartupStash-train without any real market research. Reinventing the wheel with caution is wise, but reinventing the wheel blindly – in ignoranceis foolish.

Always stay true to your ideas and let your ideas be truly unique to you.


Until next time.


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