We’ve done it again! An absolutely delicious flavor in addition to our original BUZZ COCOA blend – Salted Chocolate Caramel – has hit our inventory shelves and we’re ready to ship them to your kitchens. We’ve launched this new, creamy, and rich flavor for the holidays. It’s absolutely delightful, and a sweet pick-me-up in this frigid weather.

As the holidays draw near and the Christmas music begins playing on the radio, soon the sugar cookies and other sweet treats will be filling our tables.

That’s why we’re bringing you our phenomenal Spiked Salted Caramel BUZZ – a concoction of ours that is sure to get you BUZZED.

What you’ll need:

Hot water or milk / steamed milk
BUZZ COCOA Salted Chocolate Caramel
Smirnoff Iced Cake and Caramel Vodka
Sea salt

How to prepare:

Take (2) scoops of BUZZ COCOA Salted Chocolate Caramel
Heat up some milk or water, or our favorite – steamed milk
Add 1oz of Smirnoff Caramel flavored vodka & stir
Top off with some mini-marshmallows
Microwave for about thirty seconds
Drizzle marshmallows with a half shot of Iced Cake vodka
Top with a pinch of sea salt

And voila! Deliciousness.


Also, the folks over at Inspired Taste have come up with an absolutely stellar recipe for homemade Salted Caramels.

We definitely recommend you take a peak at their recipe when you get the chance!