Content Writing Service

I sat at my desk feeling torn – at a crossroad – between writing a little prose and brainstorming a new revenue stream. Either would have given me the relaxing satisfaction I craved, but something inside of me just did not want to give in. I twirled the pen in my hands and slammed my hands on the desk. It was then that I put both activities together – writing and revenue. From that amalgamation I began my research.

Many people start websites and blogs because they believe they have the purest of entrepreneurial intentions. They think that their idea or concept is revolutionary, or at least worthy of a few extra bucks. But the part at which almost all struggle is when they are put to the test – when they must write descriptively. Whether it is for product descriptions, site content, or another written work, many people do not possess the necessary literary skills.

All of this had me thinking, what about a content writing service? While I personally have a knack for writing, I was immediately set back by the idea of how high volume the work could become. I then realized that I had to approach this in a more efficient and creative manner.

My goal became to develop a startup plan of action, detailing the creation of the content writing company, the website, the service, and the marketing. I was able to brainstorm a unique company name, successfully optimize the startup cost of the domain name, and bootstrap the website design.

First, I had to come up with a name. I already had the business concept, what type of audience I would be targeting, and I had an idea of how I would approach it. I began with a set of keywords which related to “content writing”:

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From that list, I began cross-checking the keywords with available domain names. I ran through all of the keywords and arrived at the following possibilities (after consulting a friend of mine on which seemed more original):,,

Out of those three choices, resonated best with my friend, as well as his girlfriend (hey, doesn’t hurt for an extra opinion!). So I moved forward. The next step was identifying a website design & layout – how I could simply convey my business message to the users perusing the website. So in an effort to save time, I searched Google for “free minimalist wordpress theme”, and lo and behold I stumbled across a beauty of a theme.

After adding my own tweaks, installing a forms plugin, and writing up some snazzy copywrite, I published the site and was ready to accept business.


Out of all this, Writersplus was born (, a premium service for professional content. The content writing company had been born. The site itself was started in November 2014 and has grossed fair success over the past month. It cost about $2 to begin, not including the server I already owned or the time element involved (~4 hours), and it has generated just under $1,000 in revenue.

You might have noticed that I left out a critical component to this endeavor – the way in which I would provide the actual content writing service. I want to share this component with you, providing you with everything necessary to launch a similar business – product development, pricing, marketing strategy, and more. All of this can be found within the Brainstorm Blueprints for this idea.

If you are interested in obtaining the Blueprint for this idea, all you have to do is subscribe to my mailing list. Really – there’s no catch! I just want to be able to provide you with the best service that I can, along with the ability for me to build a personal connection with you in the process. My personal consultation is also available upon request.

I wish you the best in all of your endeavors, especially if you choose to pursue this specific idea. Take care and I hope you enjoy the rest of what I have to offer.