Bracelet Jewelry

We all know how popular the Alex & Ani bracelets are, at least over here in the northeast United States. As a matter of fact, many of my female friends and family members received Alex & Ani bracelets (bangles or however you call them). Each individual bracelet goes for about $28, and subsequent department stores sell look-alikes for about $10-$18 each. So in the midst of this jewelry accessory craze, what’s there to do?

I took the liberty of researching these bracelets – how they look, feel, what they’re made of, and what seems to be the most popular – and decided to write a piece discussing just that. While I have yet to venture into this idea, I assure you that the Blueprints I have developed offer key insight into preparing for this type of startup.

Let’s begin with the thought process on how to identify our product, target audience, product supplier, marketing strategy, and add in some creative engineering in order to come up with a catchy yet relevant product name. We can easily identify our product as an “Alex & Ani look-alike” with its own unique identity (whether that distinguishable quality is the name or look).

The only concern is how we will limit our customization in the beginning – after all, Alex & Ani offers a multitude of different pendants, medals, and gems. In order for us to simplify our initial product pool, we can either research the most popular bracelets on the market (currently energy-related, nature & astrological pendants) or understand our target audience on a deeper level and derive what we need from their general interest.

I include an easier option within the Blueprints itself, as far as which pieces to begin with and where to find them.

Once we narrow down our product and customization options (the pendants along with the bracelet), we need to find our target audience. Mainly, Alex & Ani bangles appeal to females from age 16 – 45, and the appeal becomes denser between the ages of 18 – 24, as these young individuals have more of a “disposable” income (they just haven’t realized their debt yet).

Okay, so we have a product, an audience, and now desperately need a supplier, marketing strategy, and of course – a name. The process in determining a name, a marketing strategy, and most importantly a supplier, is quite specific. I go into more detail regarding all of this in the Blueprint for my Bracelet Jewelry idea.

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Best of luck in your pursuits this New Year!