Another one bites the dust
Another one bites the dust
And another one gone, and another one gone
Another one bites the dust


Those are some of the lyrics to Another One Bites the Dust. Great song by Queen; it’s got that rock ‘n’ roll feel with a bit of funk. Anyway, before my mind wanders and I begin to ramble, let’s talk about a great little app that I’ve been using for the past few months called CyberDust.

Well, Mark Cuban uses it.

And it’s not just a Mark Cuban bot – it’s the real cigar. See that wordplay there? God I apologize for my jokes. But what I definitely do not apologize for is making you aware of this amazing app. We all remember the NSA issue with Edward Snowden, where he blew the whistle on the fact that the National Security Agency was basically helicopter-parenting on steroids.

So what does a pressing social issue have to do with an app? Well, the concept of CyberDust is that any message you send will disappear, explode, implode, or bite the dust – essentially your conversation is not monitored in the slightest and no one else can know what you and the other person are talking about.

Cool, right? If you’re sold on the app already, I need not pitch any more of the features it offers. But if you’re still on the fence, then without further ado, the fantastic feature list and in what ways these features can be implemented to improve your personal brand.


1. CyberDust Blasting

With this unique blasting feature, CyberDust allows you to send a text, photo, or video to everyone on your list (or a more selective group if you wish). This has endless potential marketing possibilities, but just to sum up its incredible importance in advancing your personal brand: build relationships on the app, grow a following (similar to Twitter), and blast your blog posts or helpful advice to your CyberDust network!

2. Like Twitter, but Less Bots

Imagine a Twitter without all those junk followers – the auto-tweeters and robot-followers. CyberDust is just that. The app can be tied to your mobile number, and provides absolute privacy. This gives you the opportunity to connect with real people, with a better conversion rate when compared to Twitter. Sure you might have 1,000 followers on Twitter, but 100 followers on CyberDust is worth much more.

3. The Limitless Connections

As a huge networking addict (and of course, LinkedIn junkie), you have the ability to connect with virtually anyone from any industry. Heck, if you add Mark Cuban (+blogmaverick), you can have a 1:1 conversation with the man himself! Granted, he’s fairly busy, but he does his best to return your dust!


Of course you will have your own experience with CyberDust, and I’m sure it will benefit you in at least one way! Take a moment to download the app from either the App Store or Android Marketplace (search “CyberDust”) and add both myself (+ZacharyBarden) and Mark Cuban (+BlogMaverick).


Hope we can dust together soon!