Fresh Breath of BUZZ

Another month another flavor. For this December, we’re lining up a fresh breath for BUZZ. That’s right, we’re getting minty – Mint Chocolate to be exact! BUZZ COCOA Mint Chocolate makes a superb return to the caffeinated hot chocolate landscape. Brought back due to popular appeal last year, we’re hoping to revolutionize your winter with this BUZZ COCOA classic.

Last year, we sold out of Mint Chocolate in a matter of days. We had to restock in the blink of an eye, and then once we made sure enough was available on hand, we continued to sell through February. A lot of you mentioned in your orders that Valentines Day was made extra  minty – we were absolutely honored by that. So it’s safe to say that BUZZ COCOA Mint Chocolate is here to stay.

Even better, we’ve got a sweet recipe for you to try at home or at an office holiday party. Of course it’s going to be a Spiked Mint, but our ingredients will make your mouth water:


What you’ll need:

BUZZ COCOA Mint Chocolate

Bailey’s Irish Cream

Kahlua liquor


How to prepare:

Take (1) scoop of the Mint Chocolate for shots, (2) for a mixed drink

Pour in Bailey’s, shake / stir until mixed

Pour in the Kahlua

Shake again (if you so please)


Now enjoy a wonderfully spiked mint chocolate from your friends here at BUZZ COCOA.



We’ve done it again! An absolutely delicious flavor in addition to our original BUZZ COCOA blend – Salted Chocolate Caramel – has hit our inventory shelves and we’re ready to ship them to your kitchens. We’ve launched this new, creamy, and rich flavor for the holidays. It’s absolutely delightful, and a sweet pick-me-up in this frigid weather.

As the holidays draw near and the Christmas music begins playing on the radio, soon the sugar cookies and other sweet treats will be filling our tables.

That’s why we’re bringing you our phenomenal Spiked Salted Caramel BUZZ – a concoction of ours that is sure to get you BUZZED.

What you’ll need:

Hot water or milk / steamed milk
BUZZ COCOA Salted Chocolate Caramel
Smirnoff Iced Cake and Caramel Vodka
Sea salt

How to prepare:

Take (2) scoops of BUZZ COCOA Salted Chocolate Caramel
Heat up some milk or water, or our favorite – steamed milk
Add 1oz of Smirnoff Caramel flavored vodka & stir
Top off with some mini-marshmallows
Microwave for about thirty seconds
Drizzle marshmallows with a half shot of Iced Cake vodka
Top with a pinch of sea salt

And voila! Deliciousness.


Also, the folks over at Inspired Taste have come up with an absolutely stellar recipe for homemade Salted Caramels.

We definitely recommend you take a peak at their recipe when you get the chance!

Billion Dollar Advice


The Ma, the Myth, the Legend. Billionaire Jack Ma recently attended a business summit at the UN, to which I had the pleasure of obtaining an invaluable answer to a question that has caused me much strife over the past few months.

As many have come to know, I am in my second year of operation with BUZZ COCOA, and I’m building the brand into a strong company. Recently, we’ve attained the #1 spot on Google for “caffeinated cocoa”, “caffeine cocoa”, and “caffeinated hot chocolate”. Our next goal is to be on the 1st page for “cocoa” and/or “hot cocoa”. My goal with BUZZ COCOA is pure domination – nothing less.


So over the past few months, I’ve been toiling with a question – a plague of the mind, really. And I had been waiting for the right time, the right person, to ask the following:

When heading into uncharted waters, creating a new market or industry of products, how does the young entrepreneur thrive?

Luckily enough, Mr. Ma had an entirely enlightening answer.

“Keep costs low and your business small. But also understand your supply chain. It must be tight and efficient, regardless if it is a durable good manufactured, or an intellectually skilled trade.”

His answer hit the nail right on the head. I found such comfort in his guidance, namely because his method has been my plan from the start: tight and efficient. Hell, I bootstrapped BUZZ COCOA for $300 (that’s a good story for another time). I’m all about making the best product for the lowest (most affordable) cost. Capitalism, baby!


Yet, that was not all the billionaire eCommerce mogul had to say. Instead, the part of his answer which caught me by total surprise was the simplest answer of them all.

“But remember, when you are first, you can create the rules. I created the rules for Chinese market and e-trade.”

When you are first, you create the rules. When your company – your idea – is the first successful pivot of its kind, you own the rights to distribution. You have the market by your fingertips. All that’s left is to devise the rules for how you want the game to be run, then implement strategic marketing methods to attract a larger consumer base. Rinse and repeat. Sounds simple, right?

Of course, none of this advice is outright simple. Otherwise, everyone would take this and be millionaires by next year. In fact, the hardest part about all of this is actually integrating Jack Ma’s billion dollar advice into the actual mission of the company. If your current corporate philosophy is “we’re creating something cool that might get downloads” or “we hope to continue our funding for the next several years until the ‘trends’ take off” – then STOP. You need to reevaluate your approach to the market and what you are trying to accomplish.

As I mentioned with BUZZ, my goal is pure domination. I want to own black & white, I want to own the chocolate emoji & the coffee emoji, I want to be the #1 lifestyle x energy company in the world. At least for cocoa, there exists no such company. Yet. The path I walk, I build, and I continue to write the story as it unfolds. Success is a mystery, and opportunity is your machine. Hard work & patience will oil the cogs of Opportunity, and reveal true Success.